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The Cut's Beauty Director, Kathleen Hou discusses if it's safe to go back to your hairdresser


American Vogue's reminder that the pandemic is not over, to still take precautions, and their guide to buying cloth masks


ITG's Reader's Choice: Black-owned beauty brands to support now and forever (also mentions an alternative to the $$$ silk pillowcase for your hair).


Refinery29's Stay-At-Home guide for when the lockdown just seems to never end. It's been 3 months for me, send help.


11 Inclusive, Intersectional books for your Pride Month reading, curated by MyDomaine's Kathryn Vandervalk

Welcome to your one-stop resource for all things luxury fashion and beauty. On this platform you'll find a comprehensive guide to fashion and beauty brands, how to buy investment pieces, and a recap of what's happening in the fashion industry. From a roster of industry experts, to which brand is ticking all the boxes to qualify as sustainable - this is your little handbook.

A research project that focuses on the different ways shoppers define a luxury fashion product, based on the retail platforms available over a century in luxury fashion. It reviews the changes in the industry from haute couture to the introduction of ready-to-wear and online luxury retail.

My go-to list of restaurants in London. We look at everywhere from Cantina Laredo in central, Maltby Street Market in the south, to Gloria in the east, and a cornflake nutella french toast at Eggbreak in the west - are you drooling already?

At the beginning of January, I set myself a (small) challenge, to get back to the habit of reading one book a month, but because I'm overambitious, I wanted to read 2 a month. Here's a quick review of all I've read so far.

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