Let's Talk Personal Style

Over the last 5 years, I feel like I've settled into a good space with my personal style and allover aesthetic - yes it may seem a little boring, but every little detail has a purpose, so bear with me while I take you through how I plan my outfits and in subsequent posts, we go through how I shop for my wardrobe.

If you follow me on Instagram, or know me personally, you know how much I love luxury fashion and boujee beauty - that some obsession is reflected in how I buy and style my outfits. In 2016, I found the lovely Anna Newton, more commonly known as The Anna Edit on the internet, and after thoroughly combing through her blog, YouTube and Instagram, I was completely convinced that a capsule wardrobe was the only way forward. Fast-forward to 2020, I tried the Marie Kondo method to get rid of things that didn't fit right, or I had outgrown in terms of style, or just simply did not make me happy and I now have a solid game plan for every shopping trip. I no longer make impulsive purchases, and I feel better about my personal efforts to be sustainable.

A capsule wardrobe does not necessarily mean you have to limit yourself to a small

wardrobe - it's about creating a collection of garments and accessories, that can be mixed and matched to create as many outfits solely out of the ones you chose. Some people choose to adapt their capsules to each season, others in a one-season environment may keep the same capsule throughout the year and have a separate capsule for occasionwear, it's all up to you to personalise according to your requirements.

Aesthetic: I struggled to put this in words, so I asked a friend of mine (thanks Veer!) to describe my personal style and aesthetic in one sentence and he came up with, "Minimal, effective and utilitarian while making allowances for the aesthetic", and I couldn't agree more. I love a good monochrome outfit that's comfortable, breathable and can easily go from day to night with minimal effort (this usually means I swap the shoes or add more jewellery) - think Dakota Johnson, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and the Olsen Twins.

Colours: If you can't already tell, I love, love, love neutrals. I will go for an occasional print, but most of the time I prefer to go for plain colours and I amp it

up with different textures or as Chriselle Lim has taught us all - bold, gold jewellery.

Fabric and structure: Because I expect these clothes to last as long as possible (and later be recycled), I try to go avoid blended fabrics where I can, opting instead for cottons, linens, silk, wool and cashmere - but because I started this capsule when I was still a student, polyester and viscose have made their way into the collection in a small way, simply due to affordability. The fabrics I select are so important to me because I really don't like clingy materials, fabrics that crease easily or anything that's itchy - if I'm uncomfortable, I'm unhappy, and when I'm unhappy with the way I look, everything else goes into a tizzy too.

Label and price (I know, horrible): This is the part where I want you to hear me out - I don't abide by the common misconception of 'if it's expensive it must be better', that's not how it works. For me the quality of the fabric and the structure of the garment/accessory works in tandem with the price, for instance, I buy my basic black and white t-shirts from COS, but I buy coloured t-shirts from Zara. I do this because colours will change with new seasonal trends, but a basic black or white t-shirt is timeless and I don't mind spending ₹500 on something that I will wear a few times a year, or pay £15 for a t-shirt that will last for years and can be worn multiple times a month. I'm also the biggest advocate to buy products from brands that are known for making said products - buy a tweed suit from Chanel, a white shirt from Anne Fontaine, a teddy coat from MaxMara, so on and so forth, I've done a whole feature on iconic luxury products in my magazine, here.

I can't cover all that I have to say on this topic in one post without losing your attention, so over the next few posts in this series, I'll take you through how I buy and style everything from basics, denim, and coats to a classic white shirt and some of my favourite accessories - stay tuned!

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