Let's Talk Personal Style - Colour, Print and Texture

This might be the third time in the last year I'm putting words together to express how I feel about colour, texture and print in my wardrobe, and I still have tons left to say about these three topics (shocker).


I've gone through phases where I've only worn black, so much so that people are shocked when I showed up wearing other colours. I've even gone through a phase where 90% of my wardrobe was shades of blue. I very recently went through a phase where I only wanted to wear shades of white, and after realising that I can be a clumsy eater, and ending up with drops of chocolate ice cream and marinara sauce on my favourite whites - I decided maybe let's try to stick to neutrals.

I love a good set of earth tones - taupes, olive greens, terracotta, sandstone, the list goes on. I'm drawn to warmer tones because I feel they work best with gold jewellery, are easier to layer and more versatile across seasons and occasions. A good olive green shirt dress is just as good under a dark (or light) coat with leather slouchy boots in the winter, as it is with tan sandals and sunglasses during a summer getaway.

As much as I love to try and go for a monochrome outfit, if I'm feeling adventurous, I'll go for complimentary colours and if I'm feeling spontaneous, I've even worn a bright red. I have a soft spot for shades of pink, but I guess besides that, I'm very happy in neutral-tone-land.


This is where the minimalist in me freaks out a little bit. Some people look so, so fantastic in printed clothes, I feel like I'm trying really hard to pull off something that does. not. work.

After some (read: a whole lot) trial and error, I've realised that I stick to the shallow end of printed fabrics. I go for smaller prints, gingham, checks or hand painted fabrics - something subtle. I love a good checkered blazer over a solid-coloured combo of t-shirt and jeans, or over a dress with a belt thrown around the waist, or even buttoned-up with a nice bralette underneath for warmer months.

I tend to go big only with knitwear. I like a good animal-print moment, and my red MaxMara monogram jumper (I've linked a dupe) is a big hit around Christmas time - either simply tucked into high-waisted jeans or half-tucked into a skirt, it's a purchase I'm always recommending to others for the holiday season.


I love working with different textures in one outfit! A leather belt over a silk slip dress, knitwear with satin skirts, leather jackets over cotton dresses, I could keep going on and on.

This is probably also why I prefer colder seasons - it's easier to style several pieces together and not melt during your morning commute. In the winter in particular, I love to try and create monochrome outfits around the outerwear I'm wearing that day; I usually wear an ankle-length cream wool coat, sleeves rolled up a few inches, and a different belt from what came with the coat originally. I pick a light-coloured shift dress, kitten heels, a cashmere sweater on top and because I know my wrists will be more visible because of the rolled-up sleeves of my coat, I try to choose a jumper with ribbed cuffs for that extra detail.

The ultimate goal is to be comfortable (hence the kitten heels), and to be able to adapt as my day goes by, that's also the benefit of mixing textures - if it's too hot in the office, I can always take the jumper off and belt my coat over the dress as a lighter layer.

As I've said before, I always ask myself a few questions when it comes to buying anything over £30/₹3,500 - how comfortable is it when I sit or stand? Is it going to be a staple in my wardrobe? Will I have the opportunity to wear it across seasons? Can I mix-and-match it with what I have already? Is it similar to something I have? Is the brand I'm buying this from known for making this garment?

I know it sounds obsessive and a little extra, but this is what helps me control any impulsive urges to shop and have some control over what goes into my wardrobe. If an item is a signature piece for a brand, I know it must be made with good quality and be durable beyond 6 months.

You can learn more about complementary and analogous colours here.

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