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The Luxury Convention is a bi-annual publication and an encyclopedic guide that reviews and reflects on the latest season in the fashion industry. It is a channel for members from creative fields, and for those outside the industry to gain an insight into more than what the brand is presenting on the runway.

The objective of the magazine is to encourage readers from outside the industry to engage in conversations and dialogues about the luxury fashion business and as shoppers to be better informed about different brands when making purchases. It is for readers interested in, or wanting to invest in luxury fashion, as well as for those that just want to know more about the business.

The Luxury Convention is not only about the on-goings in luxury fashion from the latest season. It aims at educating the reader about the brand’s heritage and legacy on which the brand is built. The concept is also meant to help readers become smarter shoppers – by investing in pieces and materials different brands are known for. It’s almost like a beginner’s guide to each brand to bring the reader up to speed with the collection just gone by, as well as know more about the brand’s iconic pieces.

Along with a few key themes, the content of each issue focuses on various elements of brands, such as the current creative directors, iconic products and events hosted by companies. The visuals for the magazine might vary in terms of the style of photography, but the overall colour palette will match those forecasted for the season.

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