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The Luxury Convention is an online resource for luxury fashion and beauty.

When I was at university, I had only recently moved from India to the UK and was fascinated (read: obsessed) with the amount of knowledge and access I had to luxury fashion and beauty brands on this side of the globe. Some of them I'd never heard of, some were my favourite, but the common goal was to absorb as much as I could out of every experience and interaction I had with any of those labels. However, trying to take in all this information was extremely overwhelming because I never knew where to begin. I wanted to know which prints and themes were common for which brand, who the features editor of xyz was, how to buy knitwear that wouldn't pill after the second wash, and what was the purpose of something called retinol in my face cream - ALL AT THE SAME TIME. 

This was also my 'aha!' moment, when I realised that there wasn't anywhere that gave me all my answers in a concise format, without having to go through at least 7 books and even more citations to get to what I wanted to know. After a lot of thought, a lot of mind-mapping and a lot of coffee, The Luxury Convention was born. 

I want a space where readers can use our database to create their own foundation of knowledge of luxury brands, without having to go through pages and pages of data to get there. I want to offer buying guides to create and enhance wardrobes and beauty routines and give readers access to an exclusive 1-on-1 consultation to speed along the process. Most of all, I want to change how audiences perceive luxury fashion and beauty.

I want our readers to not feel intimidated or apprehensive when they walk into a luxury brand's store, or want to buy something special for themselves, or simply want to learn more about what's going on in this industry. From all my experiences, the common sentiment across the board is that fashion and beauty is for everyone - whether you're a novice or a long-time enthusiast.

That being said, I hope you find our catalogues useful, informative and we hope to see you around our corner of the internet more often!

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