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Top-Notch Beauty Resources to Bookmark

Whether you're new to beauty, just started wearing makeup or are a long time 'skinthusiast', you can never have too much information when it comes to beauty products and practices. Keep reading for a master list of people, books, websites and services to look through for all your skincare and makeup questions from which acids to use when, and how to make your perfume last longer!

She's one of my go-to sources for anything beauty related – mainly because Caroline Hirons will never sugarcoat anything, and will tell you like it is. Her book 'Skincare: The ultimate no-nonsense guide' is a book I treat like my beauty bible, where she talks about everything from acids, SPF and ageing in the simplest of terms and also gives you the best recommendations for all budgets. Caroline's website also has a section on Cheat Sheets for all things you should and shouldn't do as part of your skincare routine, and if you prefer a more Q&A approach, she also hosts regular lives on her Instagram.


Girlboss Emily Weiss' first baby before Glossier, Into The Gloss, is known best for their product reviews, beauty recommendations and their #ITGTopshelfie interviews where they go behind the scenes to know more about the beauty routines of celebrities, makeup artists and other industry professionals. One of my favourites posts on ITG is this one about the best fragrance hacks.

HelloAva is actually an AI-powered bespoke skincare consultant, and while I haven't used their online services myself, I have seen some great reviews in Elle, Cosmopolitan and Allure. I was drawn to their Instagram account mainly for their infographics, and I can't stop recommending the account to every skincare newbie I meet! They cover everything from which ingredients to combine, product recommendations and some grade-A beauty memes, which I can't get enough of (who doesn't love a good meme?).

Emma Hoareau is skincare GOALS. Not only does the woman have the nicest skin, but she also shares all the knowledge she has acquired over the years every Sunday in a series on her stories she calls 'Sunday School'. If you go onto her Instagram account, she has highlights for everything from dry brushing, to ingredient specific segments, hair removal and how to layer your products. If you're new to the skincare game, Emma's account is one you should start with!

This is brand new – Cult Beauty just launched a service called the Cult Concierge where a group of their in-house experts will answer all your makeup, skincare and haircare questions, recommend products and even help you find that new eyeshadow palette you've been eyeing. You can reach them on WhatsApp, through the live chat feature on the Cult Beauty website, on Instagram or via email. What more could you possibly ask for?

Have any more beauty resources you're holding close to your heart? Tell us more on Instagram, we love to chat about beauty!


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